Impact Report 2019.

The time has finally come that our first ever Impact Report sees the light of day. We are immensely proud and happy that we were able to produce such

03 February 2020 | Cvijeta Susnik Akmadzic
Collaborative Working

Importance of collaborative working in business By Evi Bettens, Intern Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 health crisis in March 2020, the

07 June 2022 | Cvijeta Susnik Akmadzic
Slow Tourism

...Or learning how to take your time to discover the world that surrounds you.  By Evi Bettens, Intern As you already know, building a more

19 May 2022 | Cvijeta Susnik Akmadzic
Update: Coronavirus space protocol

As of yesterday there has, unfortunately, been a rise in the number of Coronavirus cases in Croatia. This rise is getting us closer to the 2nd wave

19 June 2020 | Cvijeta Susnik Akmadzic
A much desired office space.

Two weeks ago we shared the news about office space being available and this week we are happy to say that three out of four offices are booked by

12 June 2020 | Cvijeta Susnik Akmadzic
Introducing the office space.

Back in Autumn 2019. Impact Hub Zagreb moved to a centrally located 2 floor space, taking over more than 550m2.  Our community is vibrant and

28 May 2020 | Cvijeta Susnik Akmadzic
Contactless. But with a big heart!

Digitalization and technology are making us stronger. And further apart. In these uncertain times, the power of online tools, digitalization and

19 May 2020 | Cvijeta Susnik Akmadzic
Coronavirus across the globe.

Our generation is facing challenging times, where instability, uncertainty and unpredictability is harshly pulling us away from our comfort

05 May 2020 | Cvijeta Susnik Akmadzic
Reopening: Space setup and guidelines during COVID-19

We are publishing these guidelines in the light of the current developments and lowering of restrictions from authorities, it includes the latest

29 April 2020 | Hermes Arriaga