Empowering Entrepreneurial Minds
10 January 2024 - IH Zagreb

A Journey through CAPSULE Program Residential Weekends

The journey of entrepreneurship isn’t a solitary one; it’s a collective voyage of growth, discovery, and empowerment. The CAPSULE program in Croatia embarked on an extraordinary expedition at the end of October, spanning 3 transformative weekends, bringing together 35 vibrant young women entrepreneurs. Blending the physical and digital realms, these weekends served as powerful catalysts, igniting passion, knowledge, and innovation in the hearts of these changemaking women:

  • Unveiling Self-leadership

The initial residential weekend set the stage for self-discovery and leadership cultivation. Participants delved deep into understanding themselves, unlocking hidden potentials, and embracing the essence of their purpose. Through interactive exercises, individual reflextions and engaging discussions, the emphasis was on honing individual strengths, fostering resilience, and nurturing a mindset geared for success.

  • Crafting business models and the storytelling skills

During the second residential weekend, the Business Model Canvas wasn’t just a board—it was a blueprint for exploration. With guidance from the trainers, these young women built their business models. They dug into the problem they want to help solve, pinpointed what made their ideas special, and pieced together how to make money while keeping costs in check. And when it came to pitching their ideas, they didn’t just talk numbers—they crafted stories that stuck. They learned to spin tales that not only inspired but also convinced others to believe in their visions.

  • From finances to pitching and action planning

Every business needs a firm financial anchor. The last residential weekend navigated the waters of financing. Through comprehensive sessions on funding options, budgeting, and financial planning, these entrepreneurs equipped themselves to navigate the complex financial landscapes they were destined to encounter. Aside from digging into numbers, they also practiced pitching – they refined their elevator pitches, mastering the skill of succinctly communicating their ideas, leaving a lasting impression on their audiences. The concluding exercise was a blend of dreams and plans. Armed with knowledge, strategies, and a robust support network, participants forged their action plans. 

The CAPSULE program isn’t just a series of residential weekends; it is a transformative odyssey  and the weekends were just the beginning of an incredible adventure continuing in 2024 with a series of local and international meetups with other 70 young women from Hungary and Romania.