Educational institutions

Through our work with them we extend our efforts of co-learning processes of working and learning together, hence growing the intellectual capital of our members and our community.

NGO and governmental organisations


.We seek to innovate different aspects of their organisations and activities, upgrading experiences and impact towards their target markets and finding new solutions to internal or societal and environmental  challenges. 

Solopreneurs and Micro-enterprises


 We support organizations developing and growing their businesses, searching for more sustainable and impactful business models, new markets, innovation and ways to improve their operations.


 We enable diverse kinds of individuals – entrepreneurs, freelancers, activists – motivated to create value for both their organisations and society at large to increase their positive impact to communities they serve.


We impact our local community through different partnerships and collaborations with international and local stakeholders. While locally rooted and globally connected we link quality resources and networks and put them into service to needs our society.


A gamified, award-based tinkering experience whose goal is to popularize tinkering and craftsmanship among children in Croatia allowing them to learn skills identified to be needed for the 21st century in a fun, meaningful and engaging way, solving real life challenges in collaboration with others. Initiated by Impact Hub Zagreb and a group of diverse stakeholders within beyond (un)employment project supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

Garaža ideja

IYE-LABS is a training program intended for youngsters seeking to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to undertake volunteering projects, empowering them to generate a leadership changing forever their lives and the social ecosystem of their cities. It is an ERASMUS+ project run by partners in Spain, Italy, Turkey, Belgium and Croatia. Impact Hub Zagreb seeks to pilot it in its efforts to establish a Youth Bank Croatia during 2020.


The project BEST, funded by the AMIF – Asylum, migration and integration Fund, aims to improve an effective integration of Third Country Nationals (TCN) into the labour market through cooperation between public and private institutions. The project, as a primary objective, fosters the entrepreneurial skills of TCN, a vulnerable group that often needs to overcome additional obstacles, in order to develop their professional career and skills.


We offer a variety of services fitting the different needs of the teams (either early stage, up and running or scaling). We help them reshuffle and/or redesign some of their business activities/strategies.

Focused on microentrepreneurs. Includes a diagnostic phase to identify the most relevant business challenge.  Intense and individualized mentoring, tailor made educational content and networking opportunities to work on real solutions.
5 hour program of individual business counselling for micro business owners focusing on the top identified business challenge(s), providing concrete solutions with the purpose of increasing profitability and enabling growth.
Aurora is a functional platform that provides useful information to women entrepreneurs, it continues growing as a database that collects, organizes and shares relevant information for them. As an added value, it extends its services with offline meetups complementing its online offer with highly valuable networking and knowledge exchange events around Croatia. 
Together with Zagreb Stock Exchange, PwC, and the US Embassy in Zagreb, Impact Hub Zagreb opened up an opportunity for women founders to pitch their business and get exposure to the network of investors, mentors and support organisations. #Rastem initiative provides them with access to resources and investment opportunities via Funderbeam SEE platform.


For boosting ideas for your new or existing business, project or a challenge our sessions will adapt to your innovation needs! One time or a series of sessions provided by our experts on a variety of topics – hands on, engaging and focused on a concrete output.


A hackathon style event designed to inspire young people to be responsible citizens and entrepreneurs, to trigger them to choose entrepreneurship as a career path and use business as a source of creating positive impact. Event poses a specific societal/ environmental challenge to which teams of young people hack solutions with the support of mentors, community and judges. Contact us for details or check the out the video below.

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TriP Board Game

TriP“ – The board game that provides the experience of creating and developing a social enterprise to the players. It can be played by people who have or do not have a business, and is focused on people with business ideas that feel stuck, as well as people who already have up and running businesses but would like to focus more on impact and social change. Developed by Centre for Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship from Vrmdža, Serbia, in collaboration with Impact Hub Zagreb.

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Models of Impact

Work on your business model through fun and engaging tool, Models of Impact workshop is made for you! We facilitate a process of designing and understanding an enterprise focused on creating positive impact. Play for business as a force of good with us! Developed by verynice Design studios, brought to you in Croatia by Impact Hub Zagreb!


Business Model Design

This workshop easily adapts to the needs of entrepreneurs in different phases. Learn about different models of impact and revenues and understand what business models are, reviewing your value proposition and understanding better your customers.

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Impact Teaching

Impact Teaching workshops aim to re-empower teachers as the most influential agents of education transformation. They also aim to put theory into action. Aside from presenting knowledge, and then discuss its relevance to teacher’s life and profession; hands-on resources will be used and discussed to ensure that the learning is transformative. Led by Sonia Zivkovic, the workshops have been piloted within beyond (un)employment project supported by Robert Bosch Stiftung and implemented as part of Impact Hub program.

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