In a world in constant change, we choose to focus on youth empowerment, entrepreneurship support and sustainable innovation at scale to create solutions for people and the planet.

We are known as the pioneers of impact and we continue to share our knowledge, resources and tools to offer our community the know-how to a better business future.

Community is key to recovery

Our world is facing complex challenges. Challenges that will only be tackled through collaboration. At Impact Hub Zagreb, we make collaboration happen.

Published Impact

We showcased our impact, curated a whole lot of inspirational reads and shared direct insight into entrepreneurship and what needs to be done to move the society forward.

Recent Stories

Collaborative Working

Importance of collaborative working in business By Evi Bettens, Intern Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 health crisis in March 2020, the world faced an unprecedented digital revolution. Suddenly, students found themselves attending school online. In companies, teleworking became the norm. Two years later, it’s time to get back to “normal”. However, it would be […]

Slow Tourism

…Or learning how to take your time to discover the world that surrounds you.  By Evi Bettens, Intern As you already know, building a more sustainable future is one of our priorities. With the summer holidays approaching, we thought it was important to raise awareness of a growing trend: Slow Tourism.  Slow Tourism emerged in […]

Update: Coronavirus space protocol

As of yesterday there has, unfortunately, been a rise in the number of Coronavirus cases in Croatia. This rise is getting us closer to the 2nd wave of the pandemic and we must all be alert, ready and act responsibly. So, after a few rather, and much needed, “restful weeks” we are obliged to remind […]

The United Nations Office in Geneva acknowledges Impact Hub as a driver of community engagement, helping not only to foster but also to extend the efforts directed to tackle the SDGs via entrepreneurial and innovative solutions.


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