A leading collaborative space, a community of entrepreneurs and innovators with a unique spirit that enables, connects and inspires the current and future generations of changemakers for a better society. What defines Impact Hub is what happens inside these spaces and its interactions, moving economy and society forward.

Together we can (re)work this out

Community is key to recovery, we created protocols to lower risk of virus infection and continue offering business support and flexible packages to help you grow in this times of uncertainty. 

Because community is key to recovery

Our business services

At Impact Hub Zagreb we understand that business growth is a precondition for success, that is why our programs of support and education includes high quality consulting and professional business services. We offer and build products and services for and with specific profile from these sectors:


Introducing the office space.

Back in Autumn 2019. Impact Hub Zagreb moved to a centrally located 2 floor space, taking over more than 550m2.  Our community is vibrant and ambitious, very business oriented, globally connected, but locally rooted. Impact Hub is one of the world’s largest networks focused on building entrepreneurial communities for impact at scale – home to […]

Contactless. But with a big heart!

Digitalization and technology are making us stronger. And further apart. In these uncertain times, the power of online tools, digitalization and overall technology are taking a new step forward. A step forward into the “new normal” as we’re calling it. So, of course…here we are as well, always on time and in line with what’s […]

Coronavirus across the globe.

Our generation is facing challenging times, where instability, uncertainty and unpredictability is harshly pulling us away from our comfort zones. We are attacked by an enemy we can’t see with our eyes. It is physically the smallest enemy one could be. The impact it has, however, is everything but small. A virus. A pathogen. An […]

Reopening: Space setup and guidelines during COVID-19

We are publishing these guidelines in the light of the current developments and lowering of restrictions from authorities, it includes the latest recommendations from several sources*. All Impact Hub members will receive a notification today about reopening our space, we hope we can positively contribute by sharing these practices for other similar spaces in Croatia.  […]

Impact story: Let’s talk fishing

Sustainable fishing tourism At Impact Hub Zagreb you find the office PEAK DMC, a division of the Intrepid Group, the world’s largest adventure travel company. I was happy to have a chat with Sonja Prvan, assistant contracting manager East Europe at PEAK DMC, about her recent travel to Greece together with croatian fisherman, whose observations […]


EDUCATORS’ MEETUP – HELPING EACH OTHER NAVIGATE UNCERTAINTY Impact Hub Zagreb Online is starting a new Zoom meet up, for a collaborative reflection on the opportunities the lockdown offers to discover new learning spaces between us and our kids, and to rethink education in general. If you’re with your kids at home, supporting their distance […]

Impact Hub Zagreb online

With everyone adapting to the new normal, Impact Hub Zagreb is going online! #stayhome We were always much more than a space and #beyondcoworking! Now is the time to show this, we want to push our community forward with offering not only them, but everyone, a chance to spend their time home wisely and productively. […]

Let’s stay healthy

Let’s stay healthy Preventing Covid-19 spread by following our internal coworking space guidelines Now, when Coronavirus is touring the world, it is important to stay smart and positive, practice self care and follow the guidelines in order to tackle this new virus Covid-19.  Since we are a large and supportive community, we feel the need […]

Impact Report 2019.

The time has finally come that our first ever Impact Report sees the light of day. We are immensely proud and happy that we were able to produce such an impactful Report and we owe this to the hardworking years behind us, but mostly to our community that has our backs, as we have theirs.  […]

Cup of coffee with Helena Habdija, project manager for Aurora.hr

Aurora.hr is an online platform that gathers all the resources and information making it available to female entrepreneurs, no matter in which phase on the entrepreneur journey they are.  Tell us in short about Aurora.hr. Aurora.hr was created two years ago, it’s an online platform led by Impact Hub Zagreb and supported by the US […]

The United Nations Office in Geneva acknowledges Impact Hub as a driver of community engagement, helping not only to foster but also to extend the efforts directed to tackle the SDGs via entrepreneurial and innovative solutions.


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