The participants of the CAPSULE program have been selected!

Each country selected 35 participants for the local version of the program. Croatian participants in the CAPSULE program come with different interests, ideas and existing projects including content writing, sustainable fashion, photography, education&learning, gastronomy and food, health support, especially mental health, web design and software development, arts and crafts, events and hospitality, tourism, real estate, creative development and more, targeting a wide range of audiences, including entrepreneurs, tourists, parents and young people.

Girls, congratulations from the bottom of our hearts!

CAPSULE is an Erasmus+ European program, organized in Romania, Hungary, and Croatia by Impact Hub Bucharest, Impact Hub Budapest, Impact Hub Zagreb, and Career Shift, aiming to support young women in developing entrepreneurial spirit through the creation of a strong learning community, mentoring sessions, coaching, and entrepreneurial skills development. For 18 months, participants from these three countries will deepen basic notions for a career in entrepreneurship, will go through five educational courses, will network at events dedicated to communities of practice, and will locally participate in three intensive weekend incubator sessions. The CAPSULE program focuses on the mental and emotional development of women as future entrepreneurs, providing them with all the necessary resources to reach their potential, to self-surpass, and to develop their business idea through a comprehensive program of training, mentoring, and work practices.
Value of the program


Our long-awaited CAPSULE bootcamp has ended!
It was attended by 10 young entrepreneurs from Romania, Hungary and Croatia, who spent 5 intensive days of learning and networking at Impact Hub Bucharest with a focus on:
– Presentations of entrepreneurs and their ventures
– Finances, pricing and a personalized financial plan
– Action plan for entering the market, marketing strategy
– Personal well-being and balance between personal and business, personal branding strategy.
The program targets young women aged 18 – 28 yo who are interested in developing a business and are at the beginning of their professional careers. Those who are already working on a business idea or have started an entrepreneurial initiative are encouraged to apply. The promotion of entrepreneurial skills development is designed for:
– young mothers who want to develop their own business
– young women from disadvantaged categories such as migrants, refugees, or individuals who have left their homes and are in the partner countries of the program
– any young woman from the European Union who wants to become an entrepreneur and does not know the steps to get started.
The program, which will be conducted in English over a period of 18 months, will work with 105 participants from the three partner countries, meaning that in Romania, there are spots available for 35 applicants.
Apply for our webinars and before signing up for the program, find out what is the CAPSULE experience all about! Discover what is an entrepreneurial way of thinking and the skills you can develop with us! Explore our webinar calendar and reserve your spot for free!
22.6.2023., 18:00 CET – How to Know and Lead Yourself – Mihai Zânt
19.7.2023., 18:00 CET – Design your own career and life – Alina Costescu
14.9.2023., 18:00 CET – Self Leadership for Entrepreneurs – Mihai Zânt
21.9.2023., 18:00 CET – Women in Career & Entrepreneurship – Andreea Roșca
Five online courses developed to acquire entrepreneurial, leadership, and digital skills to prepare you for the first steps in entrepreneurship.
Three physical incubation sessions and three online will take place over six separate weekends for participants from the three countries. During them, you will receive support from mentors for shaping your business.
Support from experts who provide you with personalized individual sessions based on your business needs to help you identify challenges and opportunities.
10 participants from the three countries will take part in a five-day international bootcamp, which will take place in Bucharest in 2024. Alongside experts and mentors, you will have the opportunity to connect with international perspectives.
You will be part of an international community made up of young female entrepreneurs from: Croatia, Hungary, and Romania. You will participate in events for entrepreneurs and connect with three practice communities.
You will participate in five international mastermind sessions, co-hosted by participants with the aim of acquiring hosting and facilitation skills by following the facilitators.
Startup EDU
Everything you need to know about the typical stages of a startup. Step by step, from defining the idea to testing, scaling X10, and exit, going through common challenges and how you can overcome them.
Self Leadership for Women in Business
A transformative five-module course, tailored specifically for ambitious young women, including mothers and those from marginalized backgrounds, who are venturing into entrepreneurship or looking to improve their current business journey.
Digital skills
How to integrate digital opportunities into your day-to-day operations and how to make the most of what they have to offer.
Entrepreneurial sustainability
Learn about the importance of sustainability and why entrepreneurs should incorporate it into their business model.
Creative skills
You develop new skills and out-of-the-box interventions in your practice. You learn to use your creativity to solve challenges in your business.

Follow the upcoming activities in Romania and Hungary.


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Founder, Vježbaonica

Barbara Maheshwari

Director, Remote Bob

Dorotea Devčić

Founder, Collar concept

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