Impact Hub Zagreb online
19 March 2020 - Cvijeta Susnik Akmadzic
With everyone adapting to the new normal, Impact Hub Zagreb is going online! #stayhome
We were always much more than a space and #beyondcoworking!
Now is the time to show this, we want to push our community forward with offering not only them, but everyone, a chance to spend their time home wisely and productively. Join us for a few online gatherings and meet the Impact Hub Zagreb team online.
Even though physical social distancing is necessary now, it doesn’t mean that our interior condition should be frozen. We are creating open spaces to share, grow, and support in the face of crisis. A community is still one in spite of the distance, come and join!
Presenting our online sessions:
— ONLINE HOSTING // with Jonathan Levine—
Mon-Fri, 10-10:45 am    join here:
Our Lead host is bringing hosting online to your homes! Our hosting practice, we cherish greatly at Impact Hub will be shared with everyone. For a morning coffee and catch up. This is an open space for our members, friends and those interested in becoming our members. Non-topic specific to allow you to share, comment, give input on everything related to your activities, professional or even personal challenges. Also, to hang out with another human beings, apart from your family! 🙂
20.03 –> 12:30 – 13:30 hrs    join here:
23.03 –> 9:00 – 10:00 hrs     join here:
26.03 –> 10:00 – 11:00 hrs   join here:
Co-founder and director, he will be hosting three sessions. While we focus on keeping our business and communities alive, we enable this space to all members, friends and all interested who are feeling uneasy or in the edge due to the current situation. This is a space for sharing resources, wellbeing practices and useful content to do some sense making around us.
— LET’S DISCUSS WORKING FROM HOME // with Cvijeta Susnik Akmadzic —
26.03 –> 11:00 – 11:45 hr  join here:
Our Marketing and communication lead will be hosting you. With the new normal of remote working, team members face challenges that didn’t have before (i.e family at home too, reliable tech tools, etc), we offer this space for sharing of resources that would make our work from home more enjoyable, efficient and bearable.
More topics and sessions coming soon, help us define them by answering the super short survey: