A leading collaborative space, a community of entrepreneurs and innovators with a unique spirit that enables, connects and inspires the current and future generations of changemakers for a better society. What defines Impact Hub is what happens inside these spaces and its interactions, moving economy and society forward.

Together we can (re)work this out

Because community is key to recovery, we bring you an offer that helps you de-risk your business, reduce anxiety and still gives you a sense of belonging.

Because community is key to recovery

Our business services

At Impact Hub Zagreb we understand that business growth is a precondition for success, that is why our programs of support and education includes high quality consulting and professional business services. We offer and build products and services for and with specific profile from these sectors:


The United Nations Office in Geneva acknowledges Impact Hub as a driver of community engagement, helping not only to foster but also to extend the efforts directed to tackle the SDGs via entrepreneurial and innovative solutions.


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