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We believe and understand the power of community. Here are some examples of the people taking collaborative action for a better world, come and work amongst driven, and creative individuals moving economy and society forward.

Impact Hub Zagreb team

A small, passionate team supported by our incredible volunteers. It provides support to connect its members, encourages intersectoral collaboration, initiates events and programs, and ensures that Impact Hub is always functional and full of good energy.

Managing director and finance lead
Programs director and impact lead
Program manager and community lead
Program manager and space lead
Lead Host
Marketing and communication lead
Office administrator and finance assistant

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Ambassadors for impact

We are honored to have outstanding individuals and knowledge experts in their fields working hard and pushing their causes forward. Our ambassadors work from Impact Hub Zagreb, connect with  other like minded people, inspire and enabling us all.

Impact teaching

Sonia Živković is an educator with a 360-degree experience. After being a teacher and school leader for 18 years, her career morphed, allowing her to further combine her expertise with her passions. Sonia wears many hats. Founder and director of Pana Wakke Productions, and Soulful Consulting,  she is a consultant, producer and workshop leader. She has developed a passion for storytelling, which she believes to be one of the most powerful teaching tools available to human kind. Sonia divides her time between Argentina, Croatia and China.

Entrepreneurial knowledge

Filip Stipančić and Miro Hegedić, founders of Lean Startup Hrvatska, an innovation agency offering support and education to startups, as well as the entrepreneurial and academic community. They are leaving their mark in the sector of innovation and development, as well as the entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial knowledge area in Croatia. They strive to contribute in creating a prosperous economy, based on knowledge and innovation.

Women empowerment

Tilde Guajardo is the Founder of Womanars®, and is most often described as “fearless” for having the courage to do what most people only dream of doing, Tilde teaches women how to increase their clarity, courage and confidence by transforming their fear into action and limiting beliefs into unlimited possibilities by aligning with their true Source of Power using scientifically proven Spirituality and Positive Psychology practices. She is a Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner & Facilitator.

Project management

Vesna Vrga Perović is an independent consultant, mentor and educator in the areas of project management, strategic and organizational development and one of the co-founders of Impact Hub Zagreb in 2010. She gained her 20-year long professional experience in the implementation of more than 120 Croatian and international projects within a variety of organizations and has initiated and organized numerous international gatherings and conferences.

Human Capital Development

Ante Lučić, a professional interested in the future of work and education, i.e. how people can and will learn and work in volatile times, fueled by the unprecedented technological advancements. He helps people using innovative models, as well as to develop their human capital with the help of his own HR methodologies. Ante believes the future of every organization is that of a learning organization, which will have to properly manage its people, knowledge and intellectual capital to stay competitive, while making an impact.

Impact entrepreneurship

At a time when the future of work has never been more challenging our goal is to develop creative, active, critical and engaged individuals that will shape and create sustainable change in the communities they live in. Helena understand this and help developing approaches based on developing solutions to support social innovation, impact entrepreneurship and development of life (soft) skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, adapting to new situations, empathy, judgment and decision making, idea generation, active learning, and originality.

External supporters

Frano Barović has been working as an attorney since 2013, and in 2017 he opened his independent legal practice focusing on legal support of entrepreneurship of all kinds. Soon after establishing his law office he initiated cooperation with Impact Hub Zagreb, giving legal advice, assistance and education in the area of business law.
Anamarija Mostarac was an active team member of Impact Hub Zagreb for 6 years and is therefore very well acquainted with its community and working processes. She is currently finance and office lead in Bizzon an organization offering financial technology in the hospitality sector around the world. 
Duška Jelić is one of the co-founders of Impact Hub Zagreb. As an architect and partner in Paralaksa, she is involved in Impact Hub business as a space advisor including social trends and how to design and define the space using the latest architectural models in relation to people and community building. 
Ivan Decker leads Gradionica, a purpose driven initiative that enables advanced STEM methods of teaching,  contributing in enhancing critical thinking, creativity, social interaction and technical culture.  Ivan believes in a world of knowledge and technology and supports Impact Hub Zagreb programs designed for kids and youth.

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