Update: Coronavirus space protocol
19 June 2020 - IH Zagreb

As of yesterday there has, unfortunately, been a rise in the number of Coronavirus cases in Croatia. This rise is getting us closer to the 2nd wave of the pandemic and we must all be alert, ready and act responsibly. So, after a few rather, and much needed, “restful weeks” we are obliged to remind you of the measures taking place at the Hub and stress how important it is that we all follow them. 

Impact Hub Zagreb is now open during regular working hours 9-18, however the space is hosted until 15hrs.

Another important request from our side, with the only aim to protect your safety – since most of the new cases in Croatia are imported, we would kindly ask you to hold on with coming to the Hub if you travelled outside of Croatia in the last two weeks, until the 14 days from your travel have passed. 

Set-up of Space:

  • Coworking areas. There is now a restricted amount of people allowed per room or carrying capacity according to the recommended social distancing, the amounts are reflected in the number of chairs and working desks available per room. The host in charge will help you to find a place in case you are unsure where to sit.
  • Kitchen. It is now open and free to use, however we strongly recommend 1 person being inside at a time.
  • Phone Booths. Are now open for use. Please disinfect the space with disinfectant wet wipes after your use.
  • Event space areas. Event space areas might be used as working space, only if needed and in strict coordination with the host.
  • Eating. We suggest you take lunch at your desk or outside, please avoid making the dining area crowded.
  • Visual aids. There will be clear posters around the space on safety guidance.
  • Open rooms policy. We will not be using the air conditioning system so all doors should be open at any time to avoid grabbing handles/knobs and to properly allow the flow of air, use your elbow to move doors if needed. A minimum of 1 window per room should be open at all times while people are working.
  • Externals. Non-member visits to the space are not possible at this moment, we appreciate your understanding.
  • Clean workstation policy.  To support overall office health and safety with periodical cleaning and disinfection after the work day, we strongly suggest you to keep your working area clean and decluttered.
  • Access to the building. As usual we will continue using our cardless and contactless entry system where members have their entry rights recorded according to their membership package.


  • If meetings are required this is possible with a minimum of 1,5 meter distance between each person during the meeting. You can still use the meeting rooms, we strongly suggest that you don’t have more than 3 persons per meeting room. Please plan meetings only if they cannot be done online and as short as possible.
  • We as well offer a set up for web-conferencing and streaming in the Hum Mali meeting room.
  • External people are not allowed to enter the meeting rooms nor Impact Hub space, please take that into consideration.


  • We ask everyone to be careful when walking through the space and keep a distance of at least 1 meter when entering, passing people, at the printer, coffee machine, in the kitchen or at the toilet. So please be patient and wait in case someone is where you need to go.
  • To make sure there is as little movement as possible in the space, we ask you to reduce walking around to a minimum.


  • Once you leave your working desk, walk around in the space or there is a need to get close to another co-worker, you need to wear a mask (same behaviour as you have to wear in supermarkets, shops and pharmacies) to protect fellow workers.


  • We provide disinfection at the entrance, all the toilets and rooms.
  • Please make sure to wash and disinfect your hands each time you arrive at Impact Hub and regularly during the day like described on the information sheets available around the space.
  • Our cleaning company will set disinfection measures 3 times per week.
  • For your own safety we ask you to disinfect you working space surface before you start working and after your finish. This is specially important for FlyDesk Unltd and other packages with no designated desk.
  • The windows will be kept open as much as possible to ensure air circulation in the space.

Care about your community:

  • Make sure to stay at home if you feel sick (as well if you just have a mild cold) to avoid the risk of infecting others.
  • We strongly encourage you to use private transport (bike, car, etc) to reach Impact Hub where possible.
  • We are counting on you and the rest of the community to stick to the current guidelines and rules to avoid infection for yourself and others.

Here is the shorter overview

While being in the space, you should:

  • Disinfect your hands upon entrance and frequently during your stay
  • Try to keep 2mts distance from other coworkers at all time
  • Have your masks on when in common areas
  • Cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve, not your hands
  • Disinfect your working space when coming in and upon leaving (the same applies to meeting rooms)
  • Keep the windows of the rooms open as well as the doors of the space, avoid touching door knobs at all times

Please feel to free to contact us by email with any further questions or by phone directly to the Hub 01 2092 953.


*These guidelines are an adapted version from Impact Hub Network material tailored to our local characteristics, they take also important recommendations from the Croatian Institute of Public Health, and some other international sources (i.e McKinsey and Company Workplace Return report).