Let’s stay healthy
11 March 2020 - Hermes Arriaga

Let’s stay healthy

Preventing Covid-19 spread by following our internal coworking space guidelines

Now, when Coronavirus is touring the world, it is important to stay smart and positive, practice self care and follow the guidelines in order to tackle this new virus Covid-19. 

Since we are a large and supportive community, we feel the need to address this issue and show that we are taking care of our members and visitors, as well as behaving responsibly in taking proper actions to help stop the spread of the new virus Covid-19. 

Right now there are 16 confirmed Coronavirus cases in Croatia and all of them have been contracted from infected areas abroad. This means we are not dealing with this virus being locally transmitted, which is good and encouraging news. Our authorities are isolating everyone connected with the 16 cases and for now this seems to be working. We can only hope the number of infected people in Croatia will be kept under control in this manner. 

Without raising any unnecessary panic, we want to let you know that we have taken the epidemiological situation in the country and the region seriously and have addressed it with proper actions that should help prevent not only the spread of the new virus, but the seasonal Flu as well.

Hand washing and hand disinfectant – We ask everyone upon entering the Impact Hub to wash their hands with disinfectant soap that can be found in all three of our bathrooms. The instructions on “How to Handwash” are placed on all mirrors in the bathrooms, so please read them and keep in mind the “20 seconds rule”. Use only paper towels for drying your hands.

Disinfection of working space – We placed more than a dozen disinfection hand wipes around the whole working and meeting area. You will find them next to framed guidelines named “Stop the spread of germs at work”. Please read them and use the hand wipes to clean all areas you will be using – desk, chair, lamp, computer, pens and such.

Dish washing – Our kitchen equipment is washed in the dishwasher, however if you are cleaning a cup/glass/plate/utensil please make sure to wash it thoroughly and with great care. 

Video conferencing – One of our meeting rooms is equipped with high quality video conferencing equipment that is easy to use. Now is the time to use the technology we have today for a good cause. It is advised to have online and video calls, especially with people in high-risk areas and frequent travellers. By using our video conferencing, our members are able to continue doing business as usual without putting themselves, or anyone else, at risk. 

No hand shaking and keep a meter distance It is advised to restrain from physical contact as much as possible, we encourage members and visitors to continue keeping the positive vibe by greeting one another with our common “Hi, How are you!” while keeping a meter distance. After 7 years of running our business we have gone through flu seasons year after year and discovered that our community is a responsible one. We also know this is probably the most challenging guideline, due to our friendly culture we cherish greatly. Keep in mind that the virus can spread easily in close contact and that this is probably the most important measure.

Members and visitors coming from highly infected areas In case someone:

  1. has come from the source regions of the virus (China, South Korea, Italy, Singapour, Japan, Hong Kong, Iran), 
  2. is coughing, having high fever or short breath symptoms,
  3. was in contact with Corona infected person (this includes – close physical contact, work from same workspace, living or travelling with someone),

they have to follow the national instructions, contact epidemiologists and work from home for a needed time (14 days or more).

Caring culture – At Impact Hub Zagreb, we offer coworking and event spaces with the purpose to bring social innovators, entrepreneurs and changemakers together to build better networks and help them to deliver meaningful impact. To cultivate such a community, upon entrance  you will always find our host greeting you and asking a very important question “How are you?” on a daily basis, not just in the time of Coronavirus. It is due to our great care for individuals and others we always advise our members to stay at home if not feeling well. It goes without saying, but we shall say it anyway – these days if you are feeling under the weather or due to any circumstances feel you might be a risk to others…please stay and work from home, there is no place for unnecessary precaution.

Continue communicating openly and being prepared – We will continue encouraging this and keep communicating any development related to our space. We have also developed different protocols for different scenarios that we would apply if needed. 

Keep in mind we all have to take care of ourselves and each other, we have to work together now more than ever to stop this virus from spreading and that this too shall pass. 

Follow the national guidelines updated daily by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia here (Croatian).