Impact Report 2019.
3 February 2020 - Cvijeta Susnik Akmadzic

The time has finally come that our first ever Impact Report sees the light of day. We are immensely proud and happy that we were able to produce such an impactful Report and we owe this to the hardworking years behind us, but mostly to our community that has our backs, as we have theirs. 

We have been working assiduously for the past months in capturing all the info, gathering and creating a bunch of great and impactful reads, producing our own timeline of events since 2010. gathering members to share their stories, showcasing the impact we produced in numbers and making it all look pretty and sharp!

Since this is our first Impact Report to be published, the centerpiece is the Timeline of Events which tells the story of our Hub all the way back to 2010. It wasn’t easy to pin the numerous events and projects we carried out and are a part of, which all set a stone on our path and led us to where and who we are today. 

Ana Raguž, one of the Co-founders, Programs Director and impact lead when asked to share her visions and hopes of the impact of our Report, says “Our first impact report is very important to us as we are finally able to communicate in one place, comprehensively and clearly, our journey for the last 7 years, different entrepreneurial and impact stories we have been supporting on the way and that have found their work and meeting ground in the Impact Hub. It also gives us responsibility to keep on working on supporting positive changes and being able to articulate the impact our work has. We also hope the Report brings Impact Hub closer to the audiences who have not been around our ecosystem since we started working, hoping for new, unlikely collaborations that could result in amazing and novel approaches to creating more positive changes in our society.”

The Report holds the whole picture of the Impact Hub – it’s community, space and content. For those who only take data for justification, they will have a field trip because we showcased some real numbers of produced impact from our side. For those who need people sharing their stories to connect through examples and learn through experiences, we have twelve members, partners and supporters sharing their insight into entrepreneurship, social innovation and what needs to be done to push the society forward. We have a true community of changemakers and this is what needs to be known.