Contactless. But with a big heart!
19 May 2020 - Cvijeta Susnik Akmadzic

Digitalization and technology are making us stronger. And further apart.

In these uncertain times, the power of online tools, digitalization and overall technology are taking a new step forward. A step forward into the “new normal” as we’re calling it. So, of course…here we are as well, always on time and in line with what’s happening around us. 

Contactless seems to be a rising term that we too are incorporating in our everyday business. 

Entering our space with Kisi. We are very proud to say that with the move to our new space back in November 2019. we started off with Kisi, an easy to use cloud based software to manage access to our entrance doors. So basically what this means is that everybody enters the Hub using their smartphone! Our members just have to download the app and place the phone near the Kisi system at the entrance to our space. Our team and members can unlock the office door with touchless mobile unlock — reducing the need to touch common surface areas and supporting hygienic workplaces, without being in contact with others. What is important here to say is that you will always be welcomed by our smiling host with the well known Hub “Hey, how are you?” Even in these unsettling and social distancing times we continue to believe that human interaction is still the base to all relationships and the forever key to a prosperous and happy future. So we are never giving up on smiley faces!

Introducing our Virtual Office Package. We are always attentively listening to your needs and giving our best to answer them promptly and positively! This is why we are happy to introduce a new package – The Virtual Office Package. Yes, now with everybody adjusting to the new normal, which involves a lot of remote work, this might cause you some unnecessary bureaucracy you would like to avoid – this is where we jump in! We are happy to share our address with your company and handle your post. You are happy to become our member and periodically receive a curated Newsletter, as well as access to the Community App, our very own digital platform with more than 16,000 Impact Hub members around the world.

Signing Agreements with DocuSign. The Agreement cloud eliminates paper, automates the process, and connects to the other systems we all already use. You get to pick your package on our website and sign the Agreement from the coziness of your home or, once you’ve picked your table at Impact Hub, from our comfy chairs! No paperwork and no pens further supports the hygienic workplaces, while not losing any time waiting for the contract to be signed by you and further processed by us. So our packages are literally just a click away! Of course, we are too a click away ready to answer all your questions by email or phone. Don’t be a stranger, we love social contact even though it comes with restrictions at the moment. 

We are waiting for you all, our current and new members, with opened doors, big smiles and an even bigger heart! That’s what the Impact Hub community stands for.