Last Friday, we successfully kicked off beyond (un)employment program! Not only our experts joined in but other individuals from Impact Hub Zagreb community who wanted to hear details about the process that is about to begin and that we are so excited about! They have already put their hands and minds together and started a deep dive into the youth unemployment problem fuelled by the amazing healthy snacks from two chefs from our community – thanks Jenn, thanks Kristijan!

Meetup was a mark of the process we will facilitate in the course of the next 9 months, where we will be working with 20 committed individuals from diverse sectors through 12 working sessions on the topic of youth (un)employment. Many more of the stakeholders will be included in the dialogue on the way to help us develop a deep and system-level understanding of the youth (un)employment topic and design solutions around it.

This is a goal of the beyond (un)employment program supported by Robert Bosch Foundation run this year by five Impact Hubs across Europe, aside from ours, also the ones in Birmingham Florence, Moscow and Yerevan. Each of them will be addressing the employment-related topic highly relevant to each of those cities while at the same time we will strive to learn from each other, transfer and scale solutions that are relevant and efficient for specific conditions.

Youth (un)employment has been a logical focus for us as through our work, we have been working on this challenge and with the target group and as Croatia is within top 5 EU countries with the highest youth unemployment rate. Our challenge will be to answer the questions on how together can we catalyze systematic and integral change across the sectors that would enable the rise in youth employability, employment and self employment.

We hope our impact will be overcoming the silos between organisations, institutions, individuals working on youth (un)employment topic in Croatia jointly contributing to the implementation of smarter, more integral as well as more responsive and efficient solutions to unemployment issues on a national/local level(s) consequently significantly reducing youth unemployment rate.



Hermes has an special affection for entrepreneurship and social change, he currently supports and mentors early stage entrepreneurs, while helping cooking Impact Hub Zagreb model. He is an engineer by theory and a creative thinker by practice.